Each type of clothing has its own little secrets, how to store things so that they take up less space, but are always ready for use.


If you don’t have storage systems specifically suitable for shoes, then of course, eventually the pairs are “separated”, the shoes are piled on top of each other. In such circumstances, it is very difficult to find what you need. Use these recommendations:

  • If you have space, install special pull-out shelves for shoes.
  • Keep the boxes that contained the shoes when you bought them. Put each pair in the right box, this will reduce the time to find the right one.
  • Take a picture of the couple, glue one photo on the front, another on top, and fold the boxes.

Shoes are usually stored in the lower part of the Cabinet. Use, in addition to closed boxes, open shelves, hangers with clothespins for storing boots. Good Shoe cases-they will free the closet from a huge number of Shoe boxes.


Bags are different: large and small, bulky, heavy. When you provide storage locations for them, all this should be taken into account:

Large-size bags, such as suitcases, should be stored on the mezzanine or on the upper shelves of the Cabinet, since they are not used so often. You can put them in the lower part of the Cabinet, if you have enough space there.

For bags and backpacks that are needed daily, you can come up with hooks, for example, on the Cabinet door. This option is for light, non-bulky accessories. For heavy ones, you will have to allocate a solid shelf in the closet.


Knitted items first need to be washed, thoroughly dried and aired. To organize their proper storage, you should put prepared products made of wool and knitwear in bags made of polyethylene and store them in stacks on shelves in the closet.

Underwear and socks

Delicate items of clothing should be stored carefully. If the size of the Cabinet allows, you can keep each set on a separate fabric hanger. But this method requires a lot of space, and it is still often not enough. Therefore, give preference to a drawer or basket. Inside, you need to organize partitions or use a ready-made container with cells. This method of storage is also suitable for socks.


To store hats, you can use special holders that are attached to the side walls of the Cabinet. If there are no such devices, and there is no space for storage in boxes, then place the hats on the shelves in canvas bags and try not to be crowded.

For small items and accessories

Some items of clothing that are necessary for the successful completion of the image, such as belts, scarves, tights, have an unpleasant habit of tangling and mixing, which does not make it easier to choose them when dressing.

Treat yourself to a beautiful boxes to store them. 

There are several good options:

Let some of these boxes have a transparent side. Attach labels to them indicating the content.

Assign colors to boxes depending on the content. For example, red for small accessories, blue for belts, black for tights, green for scarves.

Tip for the convenience of maintaining order in the closet

When you choose clothes in your closet early in the morning or late at night, you can not always turn on the lamp that is nearby, especially if your storage Cabinet is in a room where another person is still sleeping, because this can Wake him up. At such moments of “searching by touch” you just break the beautiful order that you had so hard to put in place.

Local directional lighting will come to the rescue. Small rotary floodlights designed specifically for this type of use require an electrical connection.

Automatic interior lighting turns on as soon as the Cabinet door opens and turns off as soon as it closes. The light halo remains limited to the area that interests you.

Order in the closet is difficult to restore only the first time. If you follow the rules of storage, it will not be difficult to maintain it. You can easily find what you need, and it will be in perfect condition, so you don’t have to spend time Ironing. Put things in order in the closet according to all the rules, maintain it, and open the closet will be nice every time.

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