Storage room is a godsend for most typical apartments with modest areas, where it is difficult to find a place to store everything you need. In the pantry, you can hide anything: from food, preservation, vegetables and ending with household appliances, kitchen utensils, linen and detergents. However, the dimensions of such a nook usually do not allow you to roam — not to clutter the space, without rational storage can not do here. So you will know exactly what is where, and the order in the pantry will be much easier to maintain.

1. Swivel stand

A corner in any storeroom is usually like a black hole in which everything that gets there is lost. To find a jar or a bottle, sometimes you have to flip all the contents of the shelves. It seems that sometimes it is easier to go to the store and buy the right product than to find it in a corner of the pantry. To rationally use an inconvenient angle, equip it with a rotating rack — on it all the necessary things will always be in sight and at hand.

2. Plank with hooks

Don’t clutter your pantry shelves with small packets of condiments or Breakfast cereals — arrange for their storage with a thin bar with hooks, which will not take up much space. This device for storing small things you will find in any hardware store.

3. Pegboard

A perforated Board is a great idea for storing kitchen utensils in the pantry. Place it in the wall between the shelves — and get a great place for hanging pans and baking dishes, which are sometimes difficult to find a place in the kitchen.

4. Shoe organizer

Bags for storing shoes can be used not only for their intended purpose. They can become a convenient storage for small things on the pantry door. Convenient, simple and all the little things in their places.

5. Hanging baskets

Another option to use the pantry door for storage is to use wire hanging baskets. They are convenient to store detergents, sponges and wipes for cleaning, as well as bags and jars of seasonings and semi-finished products that are lost on deep shelves. This way you will not only get rid of the eternal mess, but also free up space for storing large items, such as rarely used appliances.


6. Corner storage shelf

Corner racks will help to organize storage rationally in tiny storerooms. It doesn’t matter whether they are wooden, metal or glass structures, the main thing is to place the shelves on them at different levels. So it will be possible to compactly place jars of pickles of different volumes, containers and boxes of different sizes, without forcing the floor.

7. Transparent container

In the pantry, where food is stored, insects often appear. Escape from bugs will be sealed plastic containers — they are loose products and cereals will be safe. And in order not to confuse semolina with flour, make inscriptions.

8. Baskets with stickers

To maintain order in the pantry, use baskets with stickers. In them, you can arrange the entire food supply in groups, so as not to waste time searching for the right product.

9. Additional level

The shelves in your pantry are set up at long intervals and you have already started putting cans of canned food in the second row to fill the voids? Not worth it, it’s inconvenient and traumatic. It is better to arrange additional levels on the shelves with the help of hinged baskets — they will allow you to use all the space to the maximum advantage.

10. Disguised storage

The pantry in the kitchen is an indispensable assistant in the house. But it is difficult to build it on a small kitchen space. In this case, we offer to arrange storage of products in a pull-out rack that can be hidden between the refrigerator and the wall or in the closet. On its shelves you can store everything that we usually make kitchen surfaces. Such smart storage will ensure order in your kitchen!

11. Laundry

A storeroom can be an excellent storage not only for kitchen utensils and food supplies. This secret niche can be used even more practically. For example, to arrange a Laundry there. Just imagine how much space will be released in the bathroom, if the pantry will move the washing machine, dryer and all household chemicals for washing.

12. Laundry storage

The storeroom will do a great job with storing clean linen. This is especially true for owners of small apartments with a limited number of storage systems. Towels, bedding, and even household chemicals can be found here. A great alternative to a bulky closet, isn’t it!

13. A cozy room

Yes, Yes, you did not hear it! A tiny utility room in the apartment can be used as a home office. The main thing is to think about good lighting there.

14. Toys are fine

Families with small children can’t do without additional storage systems. And then come to the aid of the storage space, where the shelves instead of food and kitchen utensils, you can store toys that as the child grows up break through the border of the nursery and break into the General living space.

15. Two in one

And finally we offer you the idea of a multifunctional arrangement of the storage room, where storage is combined with a mini-Cabinet. This idea will appeal to Housewives who love culinary experiments — they will be able to choose a recipe in one place, pick up products for it and make a shopping list, if there was no necessary ingredient in the house.

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