What are the advantages of organized storage?

Even if you do not have special organizers, you, in an effort to organize the storage of small items of clothing, allocate for this purpose drawers in the chest of drawers or a separate shelf in the closet – but this does not solve the problem cardinally.

What are the principles of modern storage systems for small items and what is their advantage?

* Compact organizers significantly save space and eliminate clutter in the closet. Due to the fact that there are separators inside the organizers, the chaos is eliminated completely, and does not move inside the trunk.

* The sectional principle of organizing space in the container allows you to get one item out of the cell without touching the rest. They always lie in the same plane, the corresponding compartment, do not lose their shape and shape.

• Many manufacturers make Laundry organizers open or with a transparent cover (insert) – this allows you to visually determine what is inside.

* A modern woman often has so many panties, bras, stockings, pantyhose that sometimes she forgets about the presence of a particular set. The organizer allows you to sort everything into daily and weekend sets, on a seasonal basis, separately for each family member.

* The hygiene principle is important. Being inside the organizer, things are protected from dust, foreign odors, repeated shifting from place to place. There is less risk that the delicate fabric will be damaged, and there will be hooks on the stockings.

If we have convinced you of the advantages of organized and careful storage of the most delicate items of the wardrobe, consider the range of products intended for this purpose.

Selection of products for storing underwear and accessories

Most boxes and containers for storing things are usually universal. Depending on the size and material, they can be adapted for Laundry, including. Most often used for these purposes:

• small-sized boxes made of laminated cardboard and cases made of non-woven materials;

• special organizers, divided into several sections, made of non-woven material;

* rack wicker baskets covered inside with fabric;

* regular chest of drawers, which are equipped with special dividers that allow you to organize the internal space.

Pros and cons of products for organizing Laundry

Any option can take place, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Boxes and cases

For Laundry, it is convenient to use small and medium-sized boxes made of laminated cardboard, trunks made of non-woven material. In them, clothing is reliably protected from dust, burnout, and dampness. Breathable material is especially important for underwear made of natural fabrics, it will prevent the appearance of a musty smell.

From the point of view of space organization, boxes are convenient in that they can be placed on top of each other, placed on a shelf, on a mezzanine, in a dressing room. Thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes, you can choose exactly what you need: it will fit neatly in the right place and hold what you need. If the box is bright, it can even be stored on an open shelf, using it as a decorative element.

The disadvantages of this method of storage include the fact that boxes and ordinary cases do not provide cells and things will be stored in ordinary stacks. As for plastic trunks, it is better not to use them for storing tights and thin underwear: the slightest unevenness or Burr on the hard surface of the plastic means hooks, arrows and puffs on the delicate fabric.

On the other hand, the world-famous expert on space organization, Marie Kondo claims that for storing various things, she has not found anything better than an ordinary box! Paradoxically, it is a fact. “Size, material, durability, ease of use, and attractiveness – all of these criteria give the box an above-average rating.”

Organizers for clothes

More and more Housewives prefer to use special organizer cases. This option has many advantages:

• They are made

of breathable materials, environmentally friendly-non-woven material with a rigid frame and cardboard inserts; there are also options from natural materials, such as canvas.

• Closed with a transparent lid, on the one hand, protecting things from dust, on the other-opening a full view of the contents. For storage in chests or cabinets, there are options without a lid.

* Storage is organized in a horizontal plane in special cells-depending on the size, it can be cells (16), sections (9 or 12) or compartments, if we are talking about organizers for such an important part as a bra. (3-5). In such a system, it is convenient to choose the right set, control the number of panties, bras, and socks.

* Separators in such organizers are often removable, which allows you to slightly change the configuration of the internal space.

* Linen organizers come in different sizes, but they are all adapted to the parameters of modern furniture.

• An important plus is the price, which is lower than the boxes.

Dividers for drawers

If you do not want to spend money on purchasing organizers, you can purchase separate dividers for the mailbox. These are plastic slats that can be modeled at your own discretion; they are suitable for drawers in chests of drawers and cabinets. When assembled, the box with a separator is the same organizer with sections. An inexpensive drawer divider can simply transform the inner space of a drawer, turning chaos into perfect order.

The weak points of dividers can be attributed to the fact that the design is less mobile, tied to a specific place (drawer, chest of drawers). You can always take out the organizer to get a better look at the contents, but it will be very difficult to pull out the chest of drawers. A significant disadvantage for storing underwear-plastic is a fairly hard material, in such cells it is not recommended to store expensive silk things or thin stockings, in order to avoid puffs.


Another option for storing small items of clothing is shelving baskets. The advantages, of course, are naturalness and aesthetics. Natural materials (bamboo, fabric cover) pass air well, do not emit toxic substances. If the basket has a lid, it protects things from contamination, burnout, closed containers can be placed vertically, placing on top of each other. Ideal for storing seasonal underwear and accessories. Stylish boxes look aesthetically pleasing in the dressing room.


1. As in the boxes, there are no separators, so although the order is provided externally, everything is not so perfect inside.

2. The lack of transparent inserts makes it difficult to quickly determine the contents, if there are a lot of things, it is easy to forget what is where.

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