The fact that the house is evaluated by the entrance hall is known to everyone, so you need to design it so that at the first glance at its interior it was clear how interesting and hospitable people live here. Make the hallway cozy, beautiful, relatively spacious-this is the primary task for those who are starting to repair their homes, and will help to cope with this properly organized storage of things and shoes in the corridor.

In a spacious hallway to solve this issue will be somewhat easier, since the possibility of its area is not limited. With a small corridor will have to suffer, but with some effort and include imagination and it can be made charming and attractive.

Organize the order

The key to the comfort of the hallway-the right furniture, not only in color and texture, but also in terms of design. Look at your corridor, which will fit better into it: a compact wardrobe or a modular system that assumes all the amenities? When selecting furniture elements, place more emphasis on their functionality.

The priority of choice should be closed cabinets. In a small hallway, this built-in furniture with mirrored doors will serve more than one purpose. First of all, such a solution is aesthetic. Then, the space is adjusted. How? Both real and illusory. In real terms, the Cabinet is compact, which means that with its capacity it takes up little space. The illusion of expansion will give mirror surfaces that fill the room with additional light and volume. This move will be especially successful for a small hallway. And yet, the mirror in the closet door will find a purely practical application. It is convenient to look at it when dressing. It is possible to evaluate your view in full growth. Why should I say no to open shelves and mezzanines for storing things and shoes in the corridor? Because it is:

  1. a) untidy looks;
  2. b) makes the room even closer than it is in reality.

Put in the hallway rack with internal roomy drawers. This furniture accessory is also good in any aspect. In addition, it will be quite a budget solution, so you can still make it a real interior decoration. Modern models stand out with a bright design. 

Multi-colored wicker boxes or light plastic containers will be a great replacement for laconic boxes, and hats, scarves and gloves will be much more comfortable to lie in them. Things will not crumple and will always be at hand. Think of the clothes hooks at the entrance. This technique can be useful for owners of very tiny hallways, where there is no space for bulky cabinets. The question is also relevant in those homes where there are small children. Hooks are incredibly practical. They are compact and can be placed on any level. They can be hung not only clothes, but also bags, bags, umbrellas.

There are also enough ways to place hooks. If there are several children of different ages in the house, it makes sense to attach the hooks in a cascade, in accordance with the growth of each of the kids. Thus, the clothes will hang neatly, and the child will be comfortable to hang it in place.

Do not give up wall or floor hangers. They will be a great interior solution for square hallways. It is sometimes impossible to fit closed structures for storing things and shoes in such a corridor because of the tightness and irrational location of interior doors. Wall hangers will free up space, and seasonal clothing will always be available. Instead of a single-level wall classic, you can make a multi-level exotic from hooks. This will solve the traditional problem of hallways-get rid of the visual clump of hanging clothes. Put in the hallway cabinets or shelves. They are very useful for storing accessories. Hats, gloves, purses, and purses also require space. Free your hands, entering the house, you need at least to take off your shoes, which means that the decorative cabinets immediately behind the door, and key holders on the wall, will not only be a decoration, but a fully functional part of the decor.

Make room for small things. They can be stored in: – hanging boxes; – drawers; – chest of drawers.

Organizers are easily masked on the inner surface of the Cabinet door. A shallow wide vase standing on a pedestal or a decorative tray can become a hiding place for small things. 

Define the Shoe area.

In addition to storing things, you need somewhere to store shoes in the corridor. In order not to spread dust and dirt around the rooms, you should leave street shoes in a certain area of the hallway. You can mark it with a separate rug of the original color or texture. On it shoes and boots will feel quite comfortable. For indoor shoes, it is better to put an unusual basket, and” guest “Slippers placed in a sewn fabric, woven macrame or made with another stilehendmey “organizer”. Your concern will certainly be noticed and appreciated!

 Create a corner for umbrellas. 

Among the necessary furniture elements of the hallway may well be a stand for umbrellas. It will not just become a practical piece of furniture, but also play a great decorative role, giving the room sophistication. Well, if this kind of accessory will be made in the same style with the rest of the furniture. In this hallway will always be comfortable.

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