The bathroom is probably one of the most difficult places in the house where you can organize storage systems. After all, the task is complicated not so much by the size of the area itself, but by a huge number of small items that must be placed so that they do not interfere and do not clutter the existing shelves, but at the same time were always at hand. In this review, we’ve picked up some brilliant ideas that will show you the hidden possibilities and inspire you to create the perfect storage locations in your abode.

Compact multi-storey storage systems

Wooden bookcases stylishly decorate the interior of the bathroom and provide additional storage systems.

One of the simplest and most affordable designs with such characteristics is a bookcase. In today’s market, the variety of such products is huge, they can be metal and wood, glass and plastic, or even on wheels.

As a bookcase or hanger, you can use a construction ladder or a conventional ladder.

On their open shelves, you can put anything you want, starting with bulky bath towels, which always take up a lot of space, and ending with detergents.

On open shelves, things and items are best stored in containers, baskets or boxes.

To make everything as compact as possible, and a large number of various boxes and jars did not create a sense of chaos and chaos, it is better to put small and medium-sized items in boxes or baskets. At the same time, group the detergents by purpose, and the containers themselves would be nice to sign for ease of use, if your apartment is hosted by several family members. 

In the niches, you can organize open shelves for storing the necessary things.

If your bathroom has niches, then their inner part, even the narrowest, can be used as open shelves, because there will also fit a lot of useful things.

In order not to create chaos when storing a large number of items and things, it is better to put them in boxes or containers.

Cutlery and various containers can be used as organizers for storing small items.

Using vertical areas of the bathroom

To create additional storage systems, you can use the wall near the bath.

As a rule, we pay attention to vertical areas only in the case of installing a mirror over the washbasin or a corner shelf in the bathroom to accommodate shampoos and all kinds of gels. Well, the rest of the walls are absolutely not involved. 

After all, these areas will perfectly fit open shelves, which can be single (if very little space) or multi-storey. These shelves have a variety of shapes and are made of various materials: metal, plastic, wood, glass.

For the same purpose, use and hinged cabinets with open shelves and closing doors. This variety will help you choose the right design depending on the capabilities of the room and your preferences, the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it and adhere to safety precautions when installing and fixing them. After all, not one sharp angle should not interfere with free movement and interfere with head tilts, as well as have sufficient points of support, so as not to collapse under the weight of objects.

Hanging or fixed baskets will decorate the bathroom and organize additional storage space.

Instead of shelves, containers, boxes or wicker baskets that are suspended on conventional towel holders or metal tubes attached to a free wall look original.

Ordinary hooks will help to place a lot of necessary things.

If there is no space at all, then ordinary hooks will do a good job with the task of storing towels, bathrobes and various small things that can be folded into a decorative bucket (or any children’s) and just hang.

Original storage systems on vertical areas can be made with your own hands.

Near the washbasin, you can attach small organizers on suction cups in which it is convenient to store small things and items that are in daily demand. Or make your own hands as holders for towels, and for all kinds of cosmetics.

The space above the bathroom door should also be used rationally.

When using vertical areas, do not forget about the space above the door, because it will look very good open shelf where you can store towels or various jars that are not used every day. On such a hard-to-reach shelf, it is better to store substances and drugs that need to be hidden from young children.

Rational use of space under the sink and bathroom

Options for creating open storage systems under the sink.

When organizing storage areas, you should pay special attention to the place under the sink and bathroom, regardless of whether there are cabinets or other elements that close communications.

On open shelves under the sink, things are better stored in boxes or covered with a beautiful curtain.

If there is no closed Cabinet under the washbasin, the space under it can be occupied by open shelves, and all small items should be placed in plastic containers, lattice boxes or ordinary wicker baskets.

Rational use of space inside the Cabinet under the sink.

If the Cabinet is still there, then its inner part should be used in full, while correctly. For example, if you have a lot of detergents with a spray, it is better to install a rod for them and just hang them. If you store a lot of small jars, then just put them on the shelf is not advisable, organize them for containers or any containers that can be put on top of each other. You can also buy very practical organizers with drawers, which is convenient to store small items.

Many cabinets are equipped with drawers in which it is very inconvenient to store a large number of small items, so it is better to install special partitions in them, because they will be able to provide each bubble with an individual cell. Thanks to this simple device, the order in any box or container will be guaranteed.

Folding drawers under the bathroom will allow you to have all the bath accessories at hand.

Drawers under the bathroom organize additional storage space.

The space under the bathroom is an ideal place to store detergents and even large basins. The main thing is to properly equip it so that the storage can be easily used, and not to take out all the available furniture to get there. The most practical option is folding shelves, which are very convenient to use both during cleaning the room and during bathing.

Storage systems on internal door areas

The inner surface of any door can be used to store all sorts of items and things.

As you know, the inner part of the door is also a free vertical area, which is a sin not to use. Most importantly, it is reasonable to place items, because excessive load will lead to deformation of the door leaf and skew the hinges on which it is attached.

All sorts of hooks and holders can be installed on the bathroom door.

On the front door of the bathroom, you can fix towel holders, hooks, narrow shelves, oilcloth or fabric pockets (make them with your own hands), which will help you attach a considerable number of things and items.

On the doors of cabinets or cabinets, it is better to place light plastic cells, pockets made of flower pots, cans or plastic bottles, all kinds of holders in which you can store both cosmetics and personal care products, and detergents or a hair dryer with a Curling iron.

But before you install various systems and devices for storage, decide what will be there, because the extra holes in the wrong mounting certainly will not decorate your door.

Secret storage systems

Behind the mirror facade of the hinged Cabinet, you can easily hide a hidden storage system.

Hidden storage systems are the best way to handle reasonable storage of toothbrushes, pastes, various tubes of creams and ointments, bottles of perfume and toilet water, cosmetics and medicines.

Retractable hidden systems will always be an ideal storage option.

The greatest value of such structures is not so much in the aesthetic aspect as in the hygienic, because the tightly closed system perfectly protects against dust and all sorts of microbes that “love” a warm and humid environment.

Hidden pull-out shelf in drywall partition

Such shelves try to hide behind the mirror facade of a hinged Cabinet or in furniture systems. Well-proven slide-out shelves, which was installed in gypsum Board walls or partitions.

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