One of the important points of correct and rational construction of the space of a house or apartment is a personal space for each of the household members. Psychologists say that the presence of such a place in the apartment, where you can set your own rules, is one of the important needs of any person, including a child.

No matter how we, perfectionists and superhomes, no calluses eyes husband’s Desk with debris, strange papers and leaves or a box of tools, bolts and nuts, you need to try to restrain yourself and restore order there only with the permission of the husband. And it is better to completely entrust this mission to her husband. Of course, we can sometimes suggest, ask, offer help, but that’s all we can do. After all, we do not want our husband to look into our basket of needlework or go through the books and documents on our shelves. And if with adult personal space everything is more or less clear, then for some reason many people forget about children, or rather, do not see the need for this very children’s personal space, but in vain!

The task of parents is to organize the space in the nursery so that the child feels very comfortable and confident in it. And if in some part of this environment, the baby can set the rules for storing and organizing things, it will be even better. For example, it can be a treasure box or a separate shelf, where all items will be subject only to the rules known to the child.

Mistake #1. Things don’t have their place

This is one of the most common and seemingly understandable reasons for the arrangement of the children’s room, but knowing this reason, for some reason no one is in a hurry to fix it. When buying another toy, think about where it will be stored. Even the little things (and they create a feeling of clutter, clutter and lack of comfort) needs to have its own permanent place. Where do you keep your chocolate egg toys? Is there a special Parking lot for cars and accessories for the sandbox and walks?

Mistake # 2. Things have space, but it’s inconvenient

This error is very common in children’s rooms. When planning a nursery, we are often guided by our adult ideas about aesthetics, order, and space organization, and then demand that children follow their own rules.
How to organize a children’s room, so that the baby was comfortable? If your child always puts things on a chair, try to understand: why? Maybe he doesn’t know how to hang things on a hanger, maybe the hanger is high, uncomfortable. If your child always reads books while sitting in a chair and leaves them there, put a basket or book box next to the chair. If he likes to listen to music on the bed, put a bedside table and a CD holder next to it.

Mistake # 3. More things than storage

You have 3 kg of “LEGO” and one tiny box for storing this designer, you have 30 skeins of yarn and the same number of spokes, hooks, etc., but you use a small bag from which everything falls out?
The problem is solved as follows:
throw away all unnecessary;
changing: storage method;
we are changing our attitude to shopping.

Mistake # 4. The storage system is too complex

With the right arrangement of the children’s room, you need to make sure that all storage systems are accessible and understandable to your household. If you know that you have baskets in the hall — one for gloves, one for hats, one for scarves-bring it to the children and husband, and better stick stickers with drawings or inscriptions. If it is important for you to keep things in their places, let the system of their storage will be clear to others. Do not hesitate to write reminders, announcements, notes, etc. Help yourself and your family get used to the new order.Try to use a simple principle when organizing storage: what is used often, daily, constantly, we store closest (on the shelf, in the closet). We must spend a minimum of effort in finding such things. This is especially true for clothes, kitchen utensils and utensils in the kitchen, important and necessary books, documents, pens and other stationery on your desktop, etc. Further you can place things that we use less often, and very far, high and deep in the bowels of cabinets and closets you can store things that we use one or more times a year.

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