Every housewife has kitchen utensils that are used daily. And there are dishes that are taken out only on holidays. For example, large cake dishes, a duck coop, a pot designed for a large amount of food… And all this needs to be stored correctly. We have collected interesting ideas for you.

The first idea is on the upper cabinets. If they don’t reach the ceiling, of course. And leave enough space. Large dishes and utensils, such as traditional Easter baskets, are rarely used. Therefore, there will be no problems getting them from the top.


The second idea is to hang it on special mounts. For example, over an island. Yes, ordinary pans and pans are not as beautiful as crystal and glass, but you can choose copper dishes, it is more presentable.


The third idea is to hide it behind the beams. If they are in the kitchen. The space under the ceiling can be used effectively, and the dishes themselves between the beams will not be as noticeable as in the case of suspensions.


The fourth idea is a hanging shelf. The dishes themselves will stand, and not hang on the mounts. And the shelf can be made closed, solid from the bottom, if the owners are confused by the view of the pots and other utensils.


The idea of a fifth — open shelf. But not at the top, instead of cabinets, but at the bottom. Including under the work surface of the kitchen island. There will fit a lot of useful things.


The sixth idea is to use completely blind corners. Modern accessories allow you to conveniently store large dishes in the corner of the kitchen Cabinet. Shelves leave, owners do not have to search for something for a long time and get everything for the sake of one duckling. We have already mentioned this option for storing dishes.


The seventh idea is to use the kitchen corner. There is a lot of space under the seats where you can put anything from a stock of groceries to pots with lids. And you can get it quickly if necessary.



The eighth idea is to use the space above household appliances. Cabinets for wall-mounted ovens, for example, usually have an increased depth. Thanks to this, even large dishes for sweets and fruits can be placed above the oven.


The ninth idea is a special box for dishes and large plates. As in the photo above – with a retractable mechanism and vertical storage spaces. Or in the basement of the kitchen set, where rarely used dishes will be stored horizontally.


The tenth idea is an open rack. On it, the dishes will look like on a showcase, so, of course, you will not put the pans here. But beautiful trays and large plates-quite.

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