The living room is not just a place for gatherings or a large room in an apartment building, but also a storage room. It is clear that every object must have its place. But how to store things in the living room so that everything looks perfect? Of course, you need appropriate furniture or at least decorative storage boxes. There are two ways: buy / order suitable furniture / shelves or make it yourself. 

Why store things

Clutter often spoils the atmosphere in the apartment, irritates the owners and embarrasses guests. In addition, if things are not cleaned for a long time, they become overgrown with dirt, covered with dust, a large number of harmful microorganisms accumulate. All this can lead to poor health. And if there are small children in the house or apartment? In this case, storage space (including toys) is necessary. So children will be less likely to get sick, at the same time learn to restore order.
As mentioned above, each thing should have its own place. Well, if it is stored in a closed form, and not on the table or on the top shelf. The fewer items outside, the better. For example, you should not have a large number of figurines, Souvenirs, soft toys, Chinese lanterns. In this case, it is desirable to have more furniture in the living room than items located outside.

Unusual shelf for storing books

If you have a lot of books and CDs in the living room, it is better to hang a multi-level shelf. For example, as in the photo below.
Such a shelf can be made independently by coming up with your own design. Or order from the carpenters.

The only drawback: the difficulty in cleaning. Wipe the dust from each cell will have a very long time. In addition, if you have a small growth, it is best to focus on the shelves with a small number of cells and lower placement.

Here are some interesting ideas for storing things there. In addition, you can turn on your imagination and make such furniture yourself. Of course, you need to discuss all the details with the household, including the one who most often conducts cleaning.

Mini-dressers and tables-drawers for storage

If there are things in the living room that need to be stored somewhere and there are not very many such items, then small tables-dressers are suitable.
Such furniture can be put to your taste. In addition, there is a huge number of colors. Therefore, it is possible to choose a more suitable to the interior.

How do I store things in a dresser of this type? Very simple! No trouble, since the dust practically does not penetrate inside. Therefore, you should not worry about things. It will be very convenient for children to put toys. Mini-dresser can serve as a full-fledged coffee table, a subject for Board games and even just sitting.

There will be no difficulty in cleaning the living room. If desired or necessary, you can rearrange such furniture without much effort.

Private house and attic

If you live in a private house, and the living room is located on the second floor with a sloping roof, then you will find racks and shelves that can be used for storage.
Look at the sample in the photo: it looks like the house of a business person, businessman or simple accountant, teacher / teacher. If you are not satisfied with just shelves, you can build a full-fledged wardrobe, attaching the doors and sealing the top.

See how to store things in the closet or on the shelves in this case? Books stand in a row, papers are stacked. You can do it in a different way, as it is more convenient for you, as long as it is cozy and clean.

Under the windowsill, you can easily make your own chest of drawers for storing, for example, dishes, cups for guests, salad bowls.

Chair-box and sofa-box

Just imagine in the living room a soft chair on wheels which… has a place for things! Just lift the seat and you can put anything. With such furniture, the question of how to store things in a small apartment immediately disappears.
Such interior items can now be found everywhere.

There is only one drawback: if heavy things are stored, then moving such a seat or sofa will be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. We’ll have to take out everything inside. And in the rest there are many advantages:
practicality and miniaturization;
no hassle during cleaning;
it’s a great disguise.
If you want and the ability to do the thing yourself. But also on sale can be found in almost any large furniture stores.

It is worth noting that for the living room with the same purpose (keep things practical) sofa is best purchased with drawers.

Home library

A large number of books that are neatly arranged on the shelves or in the cells will look perfect, and create comfort.
The only thing that can be difficult is the high cost of a set of furniture.

All together

To make the living room look not monotonous, it is recommended to use a different type of furniture:
coffee table;
upholstered furniture with drawers.
Just be sure to consider the design of the living room, as everything that is in the room must be combined with each other.

If you have children, then take care in advance of how to store children’s things and where. Suitable lower shelves of the dresser or table, so that each child could get the right item, toys.

Parting words in conclusion

Do not chase a masterpiece, do not need anything to surprise guests. Make your living room simple to the eye and cozy to the body and soul. Remember that there should be no extra items and sharp corners. Think in advance whether you can provide proper care for furniture, whether there is enough space for necessary things.

Think about what, where and how to store things in your living room. Decide for yourself: order furniture or make it yourself.

But remember that the living room should be spacious. No need to put furniture at every step.

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