The placement of storage systems is one of the important points that you need to pay attention to when planning the interior of the bedroom. They should not clutter the space and attract attention-we tell you how to solve the issue of storage in the bedroom correctly.

1 . Place a bet on the closet

In terms of the volume of things that can accommodate cabinets, they lose only to dressing rooms. Free-standing or wardrobes-the choice depends only on the size and layout of your room. The advantage of wardrobes is that they use all the space from floor to ceiling, and the facades can be made almost invisible. Free-standing cabinets are suitable for a small amount of clothing.

2. Use the wall in the headboard

How do I remove storage systems from my eyes? One way is to place them on the wall at the head of the bed: then during the rest they will not distract with their appearance. These cabinets are a great opportunity to use the usually non-functional space: additional shelves, cabinets and niches will definitely not interfere.

3. Keep things in the bed

The bed can be used not only as a place to sleep, but also as an additional storage system. How? One way is to buy a model with a built-in internal drawer or separate roll-out drawers. Usually only dust accumulates under the bed, we advise you to use the space as efficiently as possible.

4. Hide the little things in the headboard

Pay attention to the bed models with a headboard that can be used for storage. This can be built-in shelves or niches – they are perfect for placing personal items, books, blankets. Do you like to do something with your own hands? Install several drawers or a small rack the head of the bed.

5. Hang shelves under the ceiling

Usually the space under the ceiling remains empty. However, this is one of the possibilities to increase the useful area of the bedroom. A few shelves will not create discomfort and will not put pressure on the residents, but there will be more space for storing books, albums and rarely used things.

4. Place the rack under the windowsill

The main obstacle to placing storage systems under the window in typical apartments – the presence of a radiator in this place. If you are lucky and the batteries are moved to neighboring walls or completely absent, install under the window a few low shelves or cabinets with built-in drawers. Additional storage and a cozy place to read-two in one.

7. Don’t ignore the dressers

Few bedrooms do without a chest of drawers – it is a compact, roomy storage system. Do you want to use the interior space as efficiently as possible? Put special dividers in the drawers for different things – use this chest of drawers will immediately become more convenient.

8. Add wall shelves

Shelves are not the most functional storage system, rather – decorative. On them you can put your favorite collection of Souvenirs, books, paintings. A definite plus-the shelf can be hung in any niche, in any corner, thus using every inch of the bedroom for business.

9. Purchase baskets and boxes

Despite its small size, baskets and boxes are some of the most useful items for improving the storage system in the bedroom. First, they can be used in a closet or on a rack to sort different things and make it easier to find them. Secondly, in the basket, standing near the bed, it is convenient to put a blanket and decorative pillows-sure, with their placement you have a lot of questions.

10. Put the banquette at the foot of the bed

Another place to store a blanket and pillows that decorate the bed in the daytime – a bedside couch or a banquette. Choose models with an inner box or open benches in which you can put boxes.

11. Hang things on the open roof rails

If you do not have a lot of clothes or you prefer to make sets at once for a week, open rails or racks – that is what you need. Pick up beautiful hangers, provide protective covers for the most delicate fabrics, put a special shelf for shoes.

12. Replace the bedside table with a rack

A bedside table can be turned into another roomy place to store different things. Replace the usual table with a low or high rack: suitable for placing books, plaid, various Souvenirs and personal items. Or give preference to a model with a large number of closed boxes.

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