How to hang things on hangers

First of all, an important rule: you can not save on hangers. It is unacceptable to hang 6-7 different things on each other on the same hangers, so the clothes do not breathe and significantly crumple. To find the right blouse in such conditions, you will have to dig a lot.

The right hangers are those that fit the size of the clothes, so that later on the sleeves do not appear bubbles. In addition, hangers must meet the requirements for weight and type of clothing fabric: do not place bulky heavy sheepskin coats and coats on thin small hangers, and blouses made of chiffon fabric — on old wooden ones, so you can spoil delicate products.

You can also apply these tips:

  • use one type of hangers in one Cabinet, it is beautiful and aesthetic;
  • give preference to hangers with a movable hook;
  • place all hangers in the same direction.

How to hang and lay out clothes in the closet

Almost any Cabinet is equipped with shelves. Not all things can be stored on hangers, and sometimes this does not make sense. But the shelves may not be helpers, but real enemies, if the wrong clothes are placed on them.


Some types of clothing, such as t-shirts, sweaters, and even jeans, are not hung on hangers, but placed on racks. Here’s how to organize them correctly:

Never place two stacks one after the other, the back stack becomes inaccessible in this way.

When you want to get the clothes out of the stack, especially if the item is not on top, remove the foot completely, take out what is required, and return everything to its place. This way your storage stacks will always be perfectly aligned.


This method is not new, but it is not used as often. The essence of it is as follows: everything that can be put on the edge, you need to put it on it. That is, you need to use containers, trunks and boxes in which things are located vertically. This increases the view, you can easily get any thing, unlike the previous method, when you usually take the top things from the stack.

Folding into a tube

This method, when things are rolled up in a roller, is more often used when packing a suitcase, but it is also used for long-term storage. It is convenient to store towels, underwear, and tights in this way.

The use of drawers

Drawers are very convenient for storing children’s items, various small items and accessories. To use these boxes efficiently, you need to select separators. You can also adapt Shoe boxes for this purpose and decorate them. If the Cabinet has several built-in drawers, then leave the top one for the objects that you will use most often.

Aides in the storage

Use numerous accessories to optimize storage in your closet. These can be:

  • special organizers for use in drawers;
  • hanging pockets that do not take up much space and help organize various small items, accessories, jewelry and socks;
  • special holders for trousers will keep this part of the wardrobe in a neat condition;
  • different containers with lids will protect you from dust.

These storage assistants make it possible to keep things in perfect order.

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