Do you view your home only through the lens of functionality? Divide it into a number of rooms where you eat, sleep, wash, work, communicate with your household? Think more broadly: home is the center of your unique life, which requires order in all areas.

Start cleaning the hallway

The hallway is the first place you find yourself when you come home. Therefore, it is worth starting with it to restore order. Enter your home as if you are a first-time visitor. What immediately catches your eye? What things seem superfluous? Remove them without hesitation-give them to someone or throw them away.

Fill the hallway with only the right things and nice accessories. Put a vase of fresh flowers on the dresser, hang a cheerful picture and a poster. Keep all things in their places, and throw out flyers, receipts, and other trash before you get home.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the living room

The living room is a place to gather the whole family: here we share the events of the day, impressions, spend time with children and receive guests. Someone has a whole room allocated for this purpose, someone also has it as a bedroom. They are United by one thing-the mess prevents them from completely relaxing and relaxing.

Take a picture of the interior of your living room, view the photo and think about what is bothering you. Perhaps there is a pile of unnecessary magazines in the corner, flyers between books, and clothes hanging on the back of the chair-remove unnecessary things. Do the manipulations several times and the only thing left for you is to invite guests here.

Set up a place for home-cooked dinners

The dining room is more than a room where people just eat: here people communicate, exchange news. It doesn’t matter whether you can allocate a full room for it or have dinner at a small table in the kitchen – this area should be in order. Often they work at the computer in the dining room, do their homework and use it as a full-fledged workplace. Therefore, meals become more like a quick snack in the company of a laptop or TV.

When you start cleaning this area, write a list of things that you do here: school lessons, office work, needlework. Select a box for each activity: put extra things in them and put them out of sight – let nothing distract you while eating.

 Free the kitchen from unnecessary things

The kitchen is often called the heart of the house – it is here that the hostess prepares food for the family, here for a Cup of tea first of all, guests come. In addition to food, it stores dishes, cooking utensils, cookbooks, and more. But are they all in their places, do you use at least half of the things?

Get rid of furniture items that prevent you from moving freely around the kitchen and using the space to the maximum. Grab your favorite cookbook and plan your dream dinner. Pull out all the tools you need to prepare such a dinner: pots, pans, bowls. Repeat manipulations with different menu options: all that is left aside – feel free to throw it away. And, of course, it is not necessary to wait for a special moment – prepare the dinner of your dreams now!

Teach your child to clean by example

While the child is still small, you are responsible for the order in the nursery. But the kids grow and change, the children’s room is transformed with them-filled with toys, personal items and hobby attributes. Remember that children do not see disorder – for them it is a natural result of development and self-knowledge.

The best way to teach a child to put things in order is not to ask them, but to show them how to do it by example. At a time, set him one small task: disassemble one box, throw out old clothes, remove toys. And of course, don’t forget about the rewards.

Get rid of distracting things in the office

Some like to work in open common areas: at the dining table, at the coffee table by the sofa, in the bedroom; others choose a secluded place next to the window. Both are similar in one way-the workspace easily turns into a real pile of junk.

Psychologists say that this is due to a sense of anxiety and fear of the responsible business. To restore order in the office, sort first things that you are indifferent to, then those that cause fear or stupor. As a result, you will not only clear the space, but also understand what type of activity to pay special attention to.

Make room for rest in the bedroom

The bedroom is a private space in which we are particularly vulnerable. The bedroom is a place of love, rest and recovery, and any mess will interfere with full relaxation. Examine the room carefully, pay attention to which of the things cause pleasant emotions, and what you would like to replace. If necessary, do not hesitate to throw out extra accessories and put in the foreground what you like.

Take time to clean the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where every morning begins and the evening ends. This is where we can be alone with ourselves, smile at the reflection and tune in to a new day. It is difficult to do this in the midst of unwashed Laundry, chaotic bottles of shampoo and a dirty sink.

Get rid of all the things that spoil your start of the day and cause discomfort. Sort out the vials and jars – are you sure you need them all? Feel free to throw away those that are already covered with dust – love yourself.

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