Most people have a mess in their closet from time to time. And at the same time, it is not easy to return it to a decent appearance, and sometimes you do not even want to. In fact, you only need to know a few secrets, and the process of parsing the Cabinet will be interesting, fascinating, and to restore order in it will not cause difficulties.

General rules of storage

It turns out that the rules of storage and order in the closet have been derived for a long time. They are based on the convenience of using this piece of furniture and do not represent any complex axioms. But stay realistic before you start putting things in order in the closet, the first time it takes a crazy amount of time.

What to do with old, damaged, out of fashion things

To store your things correctly, think in terms of time. Think about this at the purchase stage: each purchased item will capture an additional portion of your time. Clothes need to be washed and ironed, trinkets get dusty. Keep this in mind during your next shopping trip. The method works. Prepare the ground: before you start cleaning, prepare the “throw away” bag, the “give away” cardboard box, the “store” box, and the reduction in the volume of these containers should occur in this order. This will allow you to better organize sorting. Keep only what is in the best condition.

One of the basic rules regarding whether to store clothing or a pair of shoes is as follows: any clothing or pair of shoes that have not been worn for a year are likely to be no longer used (except for clothing and shoes worn for rare occasions and ceremonies). So the conclusion is simple: throw out clothes that you haven’t worn for more than a year.

Keep separately what you plan to give away. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare bags filled with clothes or toys that you no longer need. As a rule, on the day of “x” it is impossible to find time to do sorting in your wardrobe and things of the child. How do I do this?

The easiest way is to leave a bag, box, or basket at the bottom of the closet and constantly put things there that are small, that you no longer carry, in a word, all that you want to give away. As a result, at the right moment, you will quickly take the box and empty your cabinets without even thinking about it.

Seasonal storage

In winter, you will not wear light cotton dresses and t-shirts, and in summer, your favorite cashmere sweaters will not be useful to you. So learn how to store your clothes for the season.

When you open your closet or wardrobe, your eye will naturally fall on the season-appropriate items, and you will immediately get the most necessary clothes at hand.

If your closet is large enough that you can organize storage of all your clothes in this space, then just hang out seasonal clothes closer, and what you don’t wear yet, in the far part of the closet. If you are not the lucky owner of a roomy closet, then you should have additional storage space (in the upper or lower part of the closet, under the bed or on the mezzanine), where you can store unnecessary things. At the same time, demanding types of clothing, such as furs, must be placed in suitable covers, and for woolen things, you need to use antimol.


Always store things so that you can easily find everything. Sort, for example, by colors, types of clothing, and seasons. The correct grouping will help you quickly navigate:

Thanks to sorting by color, you won’t need to spend a lot of time searching for your favorite red sweater or green t-shirt.

By type of material. It’s nice when silk blouses hang in one part of the closet, and cotton shirts are assigned the other end.

Division by type of clothing. It is convenient to store products on the basis of “top” and “bottom”, that is, separately t-shirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, and separately trousers, jeans, and skirts.

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