Features of quick cleaning of different rooms

Each room in the apartment is designed for specific purposes. It depends on how it is necessary to carry out cleaning there.


The main attribute of the bedroom is the bed. An unmade bed creates the illusion of a mess in the entire room. That is why it is recommended to start cleaning the bedroom from the bed.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:
Replace the linen with fresh ones, make the bed carefully, and half the way to cleanliness will be passed.
After the bed, put things in order on the bedside tables and shelves.
Wipe the dust.
Wash the floor.

All, your bedroom is sparkly clean.


In a room where children live, there can be no perfect order all the time. However, it is necessary to clean it regularly, because the dust first of all harms the little man who loves games on the floor. Also in the children’s room there are toys that constantly travel around the room, keeping your baby company.
Start cleaning the children’s room with toys. Wipe the dust and place all the bunnies and bears in their places. Then fold the bed, wash and vacuum the floor. Avoid household chemicals that contain chlorine or have a pungent smell. Ideally, cleaning the children’s room should be done with the use of hypoallergenic products.

Living room

The living room is a room where the whole family can gather in the evening to watch a movie, socialize, spend time playing Board games or just drink tea in a cozy silence. The living room does not throw personal belongings, there is no bed in it, but you can find mugs left after tea, packages of snacks that were eaten while watching a movie, and, of course, crumbs.

When cleaning the living room, follow these steps:
Collect the trash.
Then remove the dishes and items that should be in other rooms.
Wipe the dust.
Vacuum the sofa, chairs, and carpet.
Arrange interior items (pillows, photo frames, vases and statuettes).

Ready, your living room is sparkly clean.


The greatest mess occurs in the kitchen during cooking. It is best to immediately clean up and wash after yourself, but this is not always possible. The sequence of actions is as follows:
Treat the surfaces with a means against fat or kashichey soda, until it works, you will cope with the dishes. Especially since all the mugs and plates have already been brought from the other rooms.
Wash the dishes and arrange them in their places.
Check whether all the products in the refrigerator are fresh, whether it is not necessary to get rid of” historical artifacts ” like soured soup or zavetrivshey sausage.
Wash and wipe work surfaces, the stove, and the microwave.
Wash the floor.
Replace kitchen towels with fresh ones.

You can enjoy cleanliness and order.

Bathroom and toilet

The bathroom is not as cluttered as in living rooms, but it also needs regular cleaning.

The easiest way to start cleaning is to wipe the shelves and arrange all the jars and bubbles in their places. It will be useful to check whether something has expired and whether you need to put a new piece of soap in the soap dish.
Hang towels in their places.
Wipe the sides of the tub and sink.
Treat the toilet with a cleaning agent and leave for 10 minutes.
Wipe the mirror.
If there is an urn in the toilet, empty it.
Rinse the cleaning compound off the toilet.
Wash the floor.
Your bathroom is shining clean again.


The entrance hall is the face of the apartment, because it is what we see when we open the front door. The main problem of the hallway is the dirt that the household brings on the shoes.

The sequence of cleaning the hallway is as follows:
Put your shoes in their places.
Carefully hang your clothes on hangers.
Wipe the mirrors and dust the furniture.
Wash the floor thoroughly and clean the door Mat.
Done. It remains only to take out the trash and enjoy the cleanliness and order that you have brought to your home.

How to maintain order in the house

We all know from childhood that it is clean not where they clean, but where they do not litter. It is much easier to maintain order than to clean up the Augean stables afterwards. Every day, try to follow simple rules that will help keep the house clean:
Clean up after yourself immediately.
After dinner, wash the dishes.
Have a drink of tea-take away and wash the mug.
Don’t leave trash. It’s not that hard to throw out crumpled drafts or chip packages right away. Don’t leave it until the weekend.
Saw a spot-wiped. Spilled tea on the floor-wipe not only the puddle, but also wipe the floor in the kitchen. Sprinkled beet juice-take a sponge and wipe off the stain. Ran out of milk or coffee immediately wipe the plate, or at least apply the detergent.
Put things in their places. Hang clothes in the closet, take them to the Laundry if they are dirty. Wash — put the shampoo on the shelf, do not leave it where you have to.
They left in the hallway, coming from the street on a rainy day, – wipe the floor, otherwise the dirt will dry up and spread throughout the apartment with Slippers.

The following algorithm is also very effective: clean up one thing every day. For example, on Monday, wipe the mirrors, on Tuesday-clean the kitchen cabinets, etc. This way you will have to make much less effort on the weekend.

The most comfortable person feels in a room where it is clean, smells nice, light and not stuffy. Therefore, in order to feel fresh and full of energy every day, do not shirk from cleaning and maintain order. You may find cleaning tedious at first, but it will eventually become a habit and become a pleasant household chore.

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