Every housewife has situations when it is necessary to restore order in the house as soon as possible. The reasons may be different: you want to have time for everything on a single day off, the hostess is in a hurry somewhere, or an early visit of guests is expected. Regardless of what causes you to grab a rag and vacuum cleaner in a hurry, it is important to act correctly.

Is it possible to quickly clean the room?

In order to quickly clean the room, you do not need to have any special skills. It is enough to have a desire and a clear plan of action.
The main reason why cleaning the room is slow is the lack of a well-developed algorithm of actions. The hostess begins to do one thing, switches to the second, then throws the second and takes the third. As a result, time is running out, and the result of such actions is almost zero. In order for cleaning to take as little time as possible, you should know what to do and in what order.

How to force yourself to take up cleaning

The first thing you need is the right attitude.
Open the curtains and turn on the lights if necessary. In the room where you plan to clean up, it should be light and fresh.
It is unlikely that someone will want to do cleaning in the stuffy twilight.
Music can be a good helper. Turn on positive fast music or just your favorite songs. After all, in order for cleaning to be more effective, you need to stock up on a good mood.
Health care, pleasant aromas, and the opportunity to receive guests in the near future can also motivate you to clean. You can turn on the aroma lamp and enjoy the pleasant incense while putting things in order.

If you don’t have time to sort out the accumulated trash, you can put things in a large bag or box and temporarily put it in the pantry.

What will be required for cleaning?

You should prepare inventory for cleaning:
bucket and rag for washing the floor;
cloth for wiping dust;
a vacuum cleaner;
garbage bag.

You can also use a MOP, floor and glass cleaning products, and an air freshener.

Instructions for quick cleaning

Cleaning is recommended using the following algorithm:
Throw out the trash.
Collect in a bag all unnecessary things, forgotten on the coffee table packaging, TV program for the past week and other stuff. Visually, the room will immediately become cleaner.
Divide the apartment into several zones, for example, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway and determine the sequence of cleaning in each of them. If the apartment is one-room, it is also divided into zones-a corridor, a recreation area, a kitchen, a bathroom, etc. the Easiest way to allocate a certain time for cleaning one zone, for example, 15 minutes, or a day (we clean the bedroom on Tuesdays, the kitchen on Wednesdays, and so on). It is important to follow this schedule strictly, and you will feel that even if something is not in time, the room becomes cleaner from time to time, and it is easier to maintain order.
Put things in their places, but without getting carried away and looking at them. If you do not know where to identify the item — put it in the same bag that is waiting for a thoughtful analysis in the pantry.
Fold the bed, remove the collection of mugs that formed near the computer, hang clean clothes in the closet, and take the dirty ones to the Laundry, arrange books on the shelves, and remove small accessories. You are one step closer to the cleanliness of your room.
Wipe off the dust. It is the dust on the shelves and tables that creates an atmosphere of clutter. Remove everything from the shelves and walk around the room with a damp cloth. The air in the room will be fresher.
Now you should pay attention to what you are walking on. Vacuum the carpet and wash the floors. You can add detergent or a drop of your favorite essential oil to the floor cleaning water. Thanks to this, a pleasant fresh aroma will appear in the room.

Done! Your room is clean and the air is fresh. Now being indoors is a real pleasure!

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