General cleaning includes not only a list of monthly and weekly tasks, such as dusting shelves and washing floors, but also tasks that are enough to do only once a year. They can be performed both during cleaning and at any time of the year that is convenient for you.


Despite the fact that carpets and carpets are often vacuumed at least once a week, they still need thorough cleaning from dust and dirt, stains. They can be processed independently using a special detergent composition and then vacuumed, and cleaned with snow in the winter, or even given to specialists in dry cleaning.

After wet cleaning, the carpet must be thoroughly dried before laying. Otherwise, you risk the formation of a fungus.

It is best to clean carpets in summer or in winter.

Curtains, blinds and curtains

Both fabric and plastic curtains and blinds collect a lot of dust, so once a year they must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt. Fabric curtains, curtains and curtains can be washed in the washing machine, after setting the mode of delicate washing. Plastic blinds to wash them by hand in the bathtub or to handle a special detergent cleaner.

Don’t forget to clean the Windows with the help of special tools for glass or vinegar. It is best to pay attention to the cleanliness of Windows in the spring.

Exhaust and chimney, ventilation

During the year, a large amount of dust, dirt and grease accumulates in the exhaust and ventilation ducts. It is important to clean them from dirt at least once a year to minimize the risk of fire. To clean the ventilation, it is best to call a specialist, and the hood can be removed and washed with special detergents.

Check your chimneys before the start of the heating season.

Boilers and water heaters

One of the problems of water heaters and boilers is the formation of scale inside. Often, the water is heated for a long time because of the plaque, which increases the electricity consumption. To flush the water heater or boiler, it is enough to disconnect it from the power supply and turn off the cold water. Then open the hot water tap to relieve the pressure inside the tank and drain the water using a tube and pipe.

Check the tank will help a specialist who will disassemble the boiler and clean or replace the failed parts.

You can clean the boiler at any time of the year.

Go through and throw out medications

Once a year, you need to do a full audit of the first aid kit. It is necessary to sort out medicines, discarding those that have already expired and make a list of necessary medicines in order to replenish the stocks of medicines in a timely manner and in case of sudden illness do not run to the pharmacy at night, in search of medicine.

It is best to check the stocks of medicines in late summer or early autumn.

Cleaning the washing machine

The washing machine also tends to get dirty, which leads to an unpleasant smell. Once a year, you must completely wash the machine, washing the detergent container and the drum. To clean the drum, we recommend using bleach with chlorine or citric acid.

This will help not only to remove the unpleasant smell, but also to get rid of the scale inside the machine. Just as in the case of a boiler, you can clean it at any time.

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