Surely the owners of small apartments and houses are thinking about how to organize storage of things more conveniently, so that the space is not cluttered, but the necessary items are at hand. In this article, you will learn about the most unusual places to store things.

Place 1: Window and doorway and space around

In many homes and apartments, the space around the window and the window opening itself is often empty. A great solution is to make custom cabinets around the window, and in the doorway installation of a pair of shelves. Thus, you will get additional storage space that will decorate any interior. We suggest to make the same decision with the place around the door.

Place 2: Bed

We will talk about the place under the bed and the headrest. Use the space under the bed to store clothes, boxes, etc.when choosing a bed, pay attention to the models where the headrests act as a wardrobe.

Place 3: Niches

Use a space in the toilet or in the hallway. Install several shelves above the hanger or over the toilet. Place items on the shelves. For additional hiding, use decorative boxes and place items in them.

Place 4: Cabinet Doors

Often the kitchen doors are empty lockers. You can place additional fasteners on them and place them, for example, covers from pots and pans, or install narrow holders for various jars.

Place 5: Stairs

Stairs often take up a lot of space in homes. We offer to block the place under the stairs and get a storage room.

We hope that our simple tips will help you correctly arrange your things!

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