Ideas for organizing space and storing things

Owners of a small living space sooner or later face the problem of lack of space. Some of them throw away some of the old stuff. Others are more creative and try to use space sparingly. Sometimes you have to store various accessories in the wrong place. Therefore, it is important to restore order and sort items in time to avoid useless piles. It is worth doing zoning and correctly allocate the area for different needs. Even in a small apartment there is more space than it seems at first glance: if you properly group things into categories, there are options for creating new storage areas. You can equip them with various items: old bags, baskets, racks. In residential areas, you should keep only the most necessary things, do not store old clothes there. Furniture should be spacious — this is its main purpose. Each room requires a special approach.

Rules of organization of space

Do not fill the free space with unnecessary things. Something will have to be thrown away, something will have to be moved. Think of where you can place bulky items. Choose the most suitable locations for everything, regardless of shape and size. One of the tips that give experienced Housewives-the release of housing from empty containers: containers, cans, boxes, baskets. They may be useful in the future, but if they now take up too much space and do not perform a practical function-get rid of them. The same should be done with faulty appliances and their components. Outdated things will also get in the way; technology and fashion do not stand still, and it does not make sense to store what is already irrelevant. Many keep old Newspapers and magazines, but never re-read them — do not follow their example. Cabinets need to be freed from old clothes-most likely, it will no longer be used.
There are several ways to organize a space. The first of them is the purchase of new furniture.
But there are also more economical options: the use of homemade shelves; storage in the box of a folding bed; increase the useful volume inside the furniture.

Optimization of space in the apartment

Any housing can be made more spacious. The simplest solution is furniture with a transformation function. Sofas, beds and tables with additional storage will help to get rid of debris. On sale there are modular cabinets, where it is easy to “hide” chairs and a dining table. Creating a podium for placing some things in the lower tier is one of the most creative ideas for turning a cramped room into a spacious multifunctional room. Another useful device is shelving-preferably, they were high, otherwise the design will simply divide the space. Complex systems of shelves are mounted on the walls-the original versions in the form of snakes are the most capacious. Different grids will also help organize the space. Place the filled boxes and baskets under the work or kitchen table if there is enough free space. An open U-shaped Cabinet can be erected above the door. Another important storage place can be a balcony or loggia.

Ideas for storing and placing things in different rooms

Each room has separate rules for organizing space and placing things. The kitchen can be equipped with a large number of open storage systems. The same applies to the nursery, but not the bedroom and living room-these rooms are decorated differently. Proper space planning begins with the hallway. Residents and guests should not have problems with comfortable placement of outerwear and shoes. The use of a multifunctional wall in the hallway will save space in living rooms and storage. Children’s room requires careful planning. It is necessary to maintain order and make the room comfortable for the child. In the kitchen, you should place a magnetic Board or railing system. The bedroom can be made in the form of a podium: the lower part will fit a lot of things. From furniture you need to buy wardrobes. The multi-functional modular dressing room system accommodates all types of clothing and footwear.
You need to buy new furniture and make changes only after General cleaning.


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