To help everyone who is planning a new kitchen!

Everyone has heard about the “working triangle” in the kitchen and knows what it is. But in order for this “triangle” to work, you need to correctly distribute the kitchen utensils themselves.

Do you know what you need for quick and convenient work in the kitchen?

So, why do you need to provide a convenient storage location:

1. Cutting board

Cutting boards need at least three!
At least two, or better three, boards are needed in the kitchen: for raw meat, for cooked foods, and for bread. I also have a separate Board for raw vegetables.

Where to store them?


🔸 On the table top;

🔸 On the wall railing;

🔸 In the drawer;

🔸 In the bottle holder.

2. Knives

A good medium-sized chef’s knife is one, a bread knife is two, and a paring knife is three. This is minimal.
What else? A hatchet for chopping meat, scissors for cutting chicken and fish, a small knife for cutting cooked products.

And such “gadgets” as a knife for removing the zest from citrus fruits.

Where to store?


🔸 On the wall on a special magnet;

🔸 In a special organizer;

🔸 On the countertop in a stand that can be purchased separately or bundled with knives.

3. Pans

We counted three in the first turn of the pan:

✪ Small saucepan per liter-one and a half for cooking a small amount of food;

✪ Medium saucepan for 2.5-3 liters for first courses:

✪ Large 5-liter pot for large volumes.

Where to store?

In an ordinary Cabinet on a shelf (inconvenient) or in a drawer with special organizers.

4. Pan

Three pans – this is the optimal number of them. One is pancake, the other is deep and medium. These three pans are enough for cooking pancakes, stews, and cutlets.

5. Potholders, napkins

All kitchen cloths should be at hand, because the freshly baked buns should be covered with a napkin, and the hot baking sheet should be removed.

Where to store:

🔸 In a small drawer under the Cutlery;

🔸 In the shelf;

🔸 In a special bottle holder.

6. Spoons-ladles


A ladle, a skimmer, a spaghetti spoon, and a meat fork are all essential daily accessories.

Where to store?

🔸On the wall railing;

🔸 In a specially prepared pot;

🔸 in the drawer of the kitchen set.

7. Measuring utensils, scales

We like to cook according to recipes with exact weight measures, but recipes with portions of products in glasses, cups, tablespoons and teaspoons, no less. So that account for keep homes and scales, and a special set of measuring spoons and glasses.

Where to store?

Just on the countertop, in the closet, on the railing.

8. A good bowl, but better a few

For kneading the dough, preparing minced meat, you need bowls. Very convenient sets of bowls made of stainless steel or glass of different diameters: we fold them, and they take up a minimum of space!

Where to store? In any closet.

9. Colander

Where to store?

Usually stored with pans.

10. Baking sheets, forms

Fans of casseroles, cookies and pies will need different molds, pans and dishes made of different materials: metal, ceramics, clay.

Where to store?

If there is a pencil case with a built-in oven, then two drawers are often organized under the oven. It can be used to store baking tools and accessories.

Other option:

🔸 In the oven itself;

🔸 on the shelf of the lower kitchen Cabinet;

🔸 In a special bottle holder, etc.

11. Thermometer

Trifle? Maybe. But if you bake pork, then the thermometer will definitely come in handy.

With its storage, due to its size, there are usually no questions.

So, keep this list for yourself when you clean up the kitchen.

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